Unilever / Knorr

Art Director

As a brand with flavour at its core, Knorr wanted OD sufferers to know that they were not forgotten and help them restore flavour into their everyday.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) experts and research suggest that Olfactory Retraining, a simple yet scientific programme where OD sufferers sniff base scents twice daily for at least a month, can help blocked smell and taste receptors recover. To tackle this long-COVID problem, Knorr drew inspiration from its products and put food at the heart of one’s recovery.

Knorr’s R&D team identified a spectrum of scents found across Knorr products suited for Olfactory Retraining. Working with a senior perfumer, we bottled these base scents as essential oils. These were packaged with Knorr soups, making the brand vital to their recovery. A recovery guide was also placed within specially-designed Taste Therapy Kits and distributed free-of-charge to sufferers through partner clinics and specialists.